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Writing projects and social media campaigns could soar.

Virgo Horoscope for October 12222

You will also expand your circle, locally and globally. It will remain there until November 6, retrograde back into Aries, then reenter Taurus on March 6, New teachers with exciting ideas come into your life to wake you up and shake you up. This enlightened planet rules technology; you book, blog or YouTube video could go global.

Uranus will be here for seven years; this is just the beginning of an amazing and rewarding journey. Review documents like wills, insurance, and retirement plans. April 18 could bring a major windfall or an unexpected expense. Saturn and Pluto are in your fifth house of creativity, romance and children.

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Pluto has been here since Saturn joined Pluto on December 20, and will remain for the next two and a half years. Capricorn is a sober sign and both these planets are uncompromising. The good news? The Capricorn new moon on January 16 could be a turning point for your career. This is also the zone of passion and romance; you may finally commit to your steady or decide to have a child. All possibilities are on the table. Single or spoken for, love is golden while the radiant Venus unwinds in Capricorn and your zone of romance from December 25, until January 17, March 4 the sun and tender Neptune get personal in your relationship zone.

A cross-cultural romance could be in the stars at the Taurus new moon May Venus in Virgo, July 9 through August 6, is the best time for love; your powers of attraction are at their height. Circle July 27 when seductive Venus and erotic Pluto get physical.

Nov 24 Neptune in your partnership zone goes direct opening the doors for true love. The end of August and September are glorious. Your guardian planet Mercury goes direct August The sun enters your sign August September 9 is the annual Virgo new moon; it only happens once a year and initiates a bold new beginning. September 11 the sun teams up with influential Pluto and lucky Jupiter.

You are not one to make excuses—if you have a goal or a task to perform, you get to it quickly and thoroughly. Organization and commitment to goals are big priorities for you.

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For example, when you create a fitness program, you stick to it. Friends may say they are too tired to follow their routine, but not you. You may take your refined motor skills for granted, but others marvel at your handiwork.

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Few can keep up with you. You may sew, knit, crochet, play a musical instrument, do quilting or woodworking, cook magnificently, turn out beautiful illustrations, or paint, or have learned the graceful art of calligraphy. You may simply use your remarkable small motor skills by typing on your keyboard as fast as the wind. In love, too many descriptions of Virgo women paint you as a librarian, wearing outdated clothes and grandma shoes.

This could not be further from the truth. Just the opposite—French couture and the city of Paris are ruled by Virgo.

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Male Virgos look quietly elegant, investing in suits and other garments that will stand the test of time. Designers know that fit is king, and you do, too. You also know that a quality garment has beautiful buttons, superbly crafted buttonholes, linings, and other details, and that garments made with fabrics with prints and plaids are meticulously matched when seamed—this is a dead giveaway for less beautifully made clothing, briefcases, and handbags. Virgo women prefer ladylike fashions, and also often favor small prints, for those are ruled by Mercury, your guardian planet.

Neutral colors like teal, periwinkle, black, white, hunter green, and navy recall the colors of sunset at the month of your birth. Your favorite outfits are your friends—they never fail to bring you compliments. Virgo is loyal and faithful, for acting ethically is always a priority to you. You will make a loving mother or father and will fulfill all the parent-teacher requirements by going to conferences, attending school plays and recitals, and generally showing an active interest in your children. Virgo women likely own at least one or two magnificent bra, panty, and garter belt sets, and are quite sexy in private.

Men and women Virgos are never one to kiss and tell, and the thought of a reality TV show about you horrifies you. Your partner will love you and be proud of you throughout your years together. New Articles from Susan.

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