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But White noted that parks have also drawn for-profit interests, including car dealerships seeking to make commercials. He said after an application is made, the parks department negotiates with the commercial entity to determine what type of impact will be absorbed by the park and other visitors in setting a fee. Dorothy Moon, R-Stanley, questioned why a permit and fee was needed.

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White said opening up state parks to anybody who wanted to make money could greatly change what happens in state parks, and noted that fees are charged for other activities on state lands. Besides Moon, Rep. Lawmakers have advanced a proposed rule giving a sharper focus on who can take photos and record moving images in Idaho state parks without a permit. Nielsen said the cyanide device known as an M was placed in the area by the U.

Department of Agriculture.

The Idaho office of the U. The rest of the family was also evaluated at a hospital for cyanide poisoning and released, the sheriff said.

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She said her son was knocked down when it activated, and that he watched as the dog died. Keep projects in the planning stages for now and concentrate on finishing incomplete tasks.

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Your objectivity will quickly find a compromise. Go along with the program for the time being and at the same time you may be noticing areas that require change or improvement. Beware of being too boastful or confident that you inadvertently set unattainable or extremely difficult goals.

Take time to make plans that are actually viable. Working under the impression that you cannot make the slightest error puts yourself under tremendous pressure. Approach assignments respectfully and work to the best of your abilities.

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Your ambitions could be on the rise throughout the winter months, but this is a time to learn and gather experience, not a time to start new projects. Those in authority could keep a watchful eye on your activities. Take care of your health and get adequate rest, especially in February and March, when your ability to bounce back may be tested.