Himalayan times capricorn horoscope

Realign yourself to find opportunities that are. The secret to your Universe: Having one foot firmly planted in the material world, while another one experiences spiritual adventures.

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A little bit of indulgence can go a long way. Make time and space for the RnR you have craving. Create a home spa or book yourself in one. Make trip to your bookstore. Let the smell of your favourite food heal your soul. PS: Your partner does his bit to pamper you too. There is no substitute for patience and persistence.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Instant gratification may or may not be on the cards. With the frustration level soaring, you may be tempted to resort to underhanded ways to get things done. Remember everything we do now will have repercussions in the future. Start planning that PinterestPerfect vacation pronto! Channel your inner Kali. Creative destruction is the order of the day. What are the things that are holding you back from expressing yourself freely? The time to sever toxic ties is now.

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Capricorn: Your finance horoscope - October 09

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Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Your ruler, Mars, is in your sign, and this full moon is pushing you center stage. Doing for the sake of doing and achieving for the sake of collecting achievements is going to leave you feeling empty and hollow, but you know this already.

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Just be careful this week, so that when you have a chance to make an impression, it really counts. Use this Verb Hair Ghost Oil to make sure your hair is looking shiny and sleek for your moment in the spotlight. Confrontation and opposition are in the air, challenging your even-keeled nature. This week is really important for relationships that have to do with your income or career, so let your temper take a backseat and channel the grounding earth sign energy of this Capricorn full moon.

State your case, demand the respect you deserve, and refuse to engage with any petty, silencing tactics or gaslighting. In fact, you probably have already, several times. On top of that, your dual nature is actually kind of thriving off of all the conflicting energy out there in the universe this week. When opposites combine, you get to bring both sides of yourself together and make the biggest impact and get the most done.

Knowing you, you may already have found a way to turn your creative passion into a side hustle and are making money off of having fun this month. Remember when I said everyone was getting a bit of a break this week? This may feel like a personal affront — this is supposed to be your season, after all.

The sun shining on Pluto this week will make those unproductive emotions glaringly obvious and help you deal with them. You know that beauty can be transformational and that it can be found in intentional order just as much as in creative chaos. Make sure to make time to do the things that will help you heal yourself, too. You deserve it.

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  6. You may face an argument in one of your personal relationships, but resolution is attainable. You may feel pulled to travel by the weekend, so look into going on an overnight trip or start planning your next big vacation.