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The closest a study came to actual evidence was a research study in , carried out at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Interestingly, the original purpose of the study had nothing to do with the moon. Instead, the researchers retrospectively analyzed the effect of the full moon on 33 volunteers who had slept in a sleep lab during the original research. The results were certainly fascinating. On the nights that there was a full moon, it was found that:. The lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not see the Moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase.

Perhaps most importantly, 33 people is a very small sample and subsequent research with more participants has not replicated the results. In , a team of researchers took note of the Basel research and also re-analyzed the data from three large samples in different studies. But their results were completely different:. In , Swiss researchers recorded the sleep of individuals using polysomnogram at home.

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Our large population-based study provides no evidence of a significant effect of lunar phases on human sleep. And in , a large international study looked at the sleep of children aged 9 to 11, in 12 countries. Whether this seemingly minimal difference is clinically meaningful is questionable. The belief that the moon can influence the human body may be largely founded on misconceptions then.

Some suggest that because the moon has a profound effect on the tides, it might also have an effect on humans since we are comprised mainly of water. In actual fact, the moon exerts a very weak tidal force on uncontained water. Astronomer George O. Abell claims that a mosquito would exert more gravitational pull on your arm than the moon would on your body. Maybe there was in the past when the bright moonlight allowed us to work later into the night. Do you feel that the moon influences how well you sleep?

Let me know in the comments below. Took me awhile to realize I would have trouble sleeping on seemingly random nights but started noticing it was always happening near the time of a full moon! I start to notice the difference from about a week before hand. Tonight for instance 1 full week before the full moon my husband has been up since am. This is a regular occurrence when the moon is almost full. Have gone as many as 72 hours with maybe hours total sleep. It does not just sleep that is affected. As an R. You would find them strolling down the street. In the hospital setting, babies were born, old and very ill passed away and others would be aggressive and climbing over the guard rails.

We always made sure we had more staff on full moons, cause everyone just went nuts for a few days—including us. I noticed this as a child. Instead of trying to sleep I utilise the heightened arousal. Trying to sleep is too tiring for me. Wait for the sun to go down, sleep forever, awaken renewed. Be warned you may not recognise yourself as you do now if you wish to try this.

I am awake all night the 2 days surrounding a full moon. Will ruin my day tomorrow. We joked about how it might have been a full moon. We found out that it was actually black moon. The immediate night before the full moon I actually sleep quite well. I had to search for a site this morning after an awful nights tossing and turning, then when I did get some shuteye, I had the most vivid dreams.

My room is pitch black because I have outdoor roller shutters and I put in super earplugs which block out everything. I struggle with insomnia on a regular basis but have learned to live with it. Thank you for sharing this information. Exactly the same as you. This is not the first time am noticing such a reaction. Am just curious what was really going on.

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I hardly sleep when the full moon is up. I think the moon does have a great connection with our body. Perhaps maybe we that feel this way are from the werewolf family. Just saying. I noticed this a few years ago and even if I try to ignore the lunar cycle, I end up knowing when the full moon is coming because of my restless sleep. Here I am unable to sleep at all, constantly tossing and turning. I am 4 months and one week pregnant and perhaps it has more sensitive than ever and I cannot get not even a half hour of rest.

I never check on the calendar to see if it is full moon. However, I notice every month that I cannot sleep, and when I check the calendar I see that the full moon will be out shortly.

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I find that I sleep less about days before the full moon. It certainly affects me. I live in the Sierra mountains. I put on my coat and walked outside to get a better glimpse of its position, and stood out there staring at it momentarily. It occurred to me that when the full moon rises earlier in the evening and passes across the sky above head, my sleep is not so disturbed.

For example, it could be as subtle as a headlift and awareness of a bright moon outside then falling back asleep easily.

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I went to bed at after a long day on the road traveling. But knowing what this evening was going to entail for me. Not by the Almanac but by accidentaly looking up in the sky when I stepped out of my car. Into the sky to see that translucent moon setting up its chess pieces ounce again for me. I know what the rest of the evening is going to entail. This is when I opened my laptop pored a Vodka and started my search and found this site. You are not crazy! Ha ha. I live in Winnipeg for the last 5 years, and yes, I feel strong lunar influence, agitation, insomnia.

We are all synced with a monthly cycle. There are many things for which there is no scientific evidence, but that means nothing to me.

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We have intuition, people, that is tuned in directly with the cosmos, while the scientific instruments can only detect measurable things, and are hence extremely limited. Yet, human feel when we are in imbalance, and luckily some of us decide to do something about it despite all the scientific evidence against it:.

I have had this problem for years. When I would tell people about it they would roll their eyes at me or just say that is crazy. Now in the last couple of years, it is affecting my daughter in the very same way. Without a doubt, my records show that 1 or 2 days before a full moon, I have difficulty falling asleep. Except, I live in Ohio, not Canada.

I am the same way. So many people having trouble with this! We have got an almost 2 year old shocking sleeper but over the last moon phases I have actually come to realize that it gets way worse about 3 days out from the full moon. He will wake even more, be super restless and hard to get back to sleep. I am continuously tired as it is but starting to dread the full moon. I have always known my sleep has less quality as such when the moon is full, but our little one is taking this to a whole new level.

Anybody have any suggestions what could help? Crystals I have read but got no experience with, we do use essential oils but nothing helps with the moon and we all end up so drained and tired!

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Due to a misinterpretation in by an author for Sky and Telescope, the premise that two full moons in the same calendar month evolved and morphed into a trivia question that compounded the mistake in the early s. Link to information about the Blue Moon Mistake The zodiacal blue moon is similar to the calendar blue moon in that the two Full Moons occur in similar time references.

But the blue moon of the signs is actually more "different" than the same. The significant difference is that calendar blue moon can never occur in the same zodiac sign for that particular month. The blue moon of the signs is more closely associated with the seasonal blue moon as described in the old Maine Farmers' Almanac.

The zodiac blue moons can occur in any month between the 18th to the 23rd day of the month. The zodiacal blue moon may be associated with the past practice of Seasonal blue moons implemented by the Maine Farmer's Almanac that dates back to the early s as a way to account for the extra Full Moon within a calendar year. If four Full Moons occurred within a season, then the third Full Moon in that season was deemed to be a blue moon. The Maine Farmer's Almanac made it even more difficult to determine the periods of the seasonal blue moon because they used an obscure method for determining the seasons.

See the table below for an example. On the other hand, seasonal blue moons and zodiacal blue moons routinely occur in the same year and season. But even that is not an absolute. Notice that the and seasonal and zodiac blue moons occur in two different seasons.

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This seasonal blue moon practice was not common.