Winnipeg free press horoscope december 29 2019

Your best good fortune this year is with relationships — virtually all your relationships! This is where you will shine. Whoever you marry will probably be upbeat, joyful and possibly richer than you.

Furthermore, the partnership will bring you further joy and wealth. Mingle freely and enjoy the company of others.

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Ever noticed how money keeps the kids in touch? Matters with home, family and real estate will be excellent this year because Jupiter is travelling opposite from your Sun. This means relations with partners, spouses, and close friends will be better than ever. Furthermore, because you feel this strong support from others and a warm congeniality with those who are close to you, then like a domino effect, this extends toward your relationships with family and the people you live with. This is the best year in over a decade to get a better job or improve your job.

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You can perhaps get a promotion where you work. Negotiate for what you want. Find a job description that suits you better; demand better working conditions. Or you can leave — after you found that better job that is waiting for you. Two things that can promote positive relationships this year. The first is that your health will improve.

You will feel more energetic and vibrant! This makes you more attractive to others. You will respond to someone coming into your life.

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Secondly, you will have greater job success this year — and success is sexy. Not only will you be more appealing to others, but you personally will be more upbeat and enthusiastic about life. Late this year, Jupiter moves opposite your sign indicating that your marriage and committed partnerships will blossom and be happier. However, if you are thinking of expanding your home through renovations, be aware that in the next two years, it will be harder to get money from others.

Furthermore, even though your job will improve; your partner might start to earn less. Plan carefully. The vibes will be happy but you must not count on others too much. This is a powerful year with your career and your reputation among your peers. Many will get kudos, praise or a promotion because something will happen that empowers you. This year your focus will shift to your outer world and how you can begin to take power. Real-estate speculation, the entertainment world, show business, and the hospitality industry are excellent areas to explore.

From here on, you will work for a career peak, which is about seven years from now. This year is the turning point. Ooo la la! You might encounter love at first sight. You might meet someone through work, travel, friends or even your kids. Current relationships will be more playful and light-hearted. However, Mars will be opposite your sign in the spring and late summer. This will be challenging because it makes you easily annoyed with others.

Romance is blessed. You have to be patient with others this year, especially in the spring and then again in the late summer while Mars is opposite your sign. Plus because you are more powerful this year, it could create difficulties within your family dynamic. By becoming more powerful, you are upsetting the status quo of the last decade. You will be productive in because you will work hard. You will give everything your all. Do not be judgmental of coworkers and think they are slackers. They do not have your motivation.

You will take pride in your work; and you will want credit for what you do. You are preparing for your debut; and so you will do everything you can in order to get ready. At times, you might feel overwhelmed. Fear not. You are up to this challenge! Nevertheless, treat your body like a tool that has to be well cared for.

Singles might meet someone through work or through a family member because your relationships get a wonderful, positive boost. From May to November, it will be a testing time because Mars is opposite your sign, making you annoyed with others. Remind yourself what you would lose if that person were gone? Too often we focus on the faults of others and forget the wonderful things that attracted us to them in the first place.

Everything about home and family will improve this year. Family members will be generous to each other.

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Buy and sell, or buy for the first time because whatever you buy will be a financial benefit. This is a great year to improve your home through renovations. You can rent something bigger and better. Your family might expand through marriage or birth. You might improve your home by buying beautiful things that make you feel richer. This is a great year for home, family and real estate — the best in over a decade! This year your optimism will increase and you will be more hopeful about achieving what is important to you.

You will be less inclined to sell yourself short. Your confidence, optimism, increased knowledge, and willingness to speak up will bring you success this year. Your plans for the future will be more ambitious. This means you are the reason for your success this year. You are the magic! Your relationships will improve this year because you will be more positive, upbeat, optimistic, generous plus more intelligent and aware.

All these qualities will be more enhanced than they have in over a decade. Singles will attract people to them because optimistic confidence is sexy. Existing relationships will be deeper and enriched because you will have the courage to be more honest and the wisdom to know where to draw the line. Menu Canada's 1 Community Newspaper. Nearly a year on from legalization, survey asks owners and renters how they feel about cannabis in homes and nearby dispensaries. Federal Election Coast Reporter. Glacier Syndicated. Times Colonist. Bright Lights. Canadian Press. October 8, Bowen held its own Climate Strike event Friday morning.

Several businesses were closed in solidarity with strikers. The Carson Graham Eagles got a pair of rushing touchdowns from Trent Skill while quarterback Lucas Granger threw for yards and rushed for 20 more, including a touchdown, The Wolf Canadian tennis stars Genie Bouchard and Vasek Pospisil headlined a strong lineup of players on hand for opening day festivities at the annual Odlum Brown VanOpen pro tennis West Vancouver's Annual Harmony Arts Festival got underway over the BC Day long weekend with large crowds attending the waterfront celebration of the arts.

Live music and the The Chief was there to capture the best moments. North Shore firefighters' Hot Summer Nights program provides kids with cool down sessions on select dates.

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Previous Story Next Story. October 3, October 4, October 2, October 7, October 5, Tap into your creative urges and express yourself. You might want to cocoon at home.

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  • You might have an intense conversation with a female family relative. Or you might have the same conversation looking at yourself in the mirror. Junk food will appeal. Not just superficial chit-chat. You want to get down to the nitty-gritty. You want to know what others think and feel, especially siblings and relatives. Money is on your mind. This might also be why you want to take care of it, maintain it, polish it, shine it, repair it — whatever. The moon is in your sign, which will tend to make you more emotional than usual.

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    You might notice this about yourself. However, when the moon is in your sign it can also bring you a little bit of extra good luck. Work alone or behind the scenes because you feel the need to withdraw and catch your breath. For one thing, you got a lot of money ideas on your mind. A conversation with a female acquaintance could be significant. Why not share your hopes and dreams for the future with this person to get their feedback? Whatever they say might really influence you and send you in a new direction. Personal details about your private life seem to be public.

    For some reason, people are talking about you. Perhaps someone is doing a credit check.