Daily horoscope for 21 october 2019

Partners have needs and desires, some of which you have actively encouraged.

Taurus daily horoscope - 9 October

Earlier in the day is possibly easier than later, the reason being that while you may be quite relaxed at the beginning, as the hours pass, you will be reminded of certain conditions essential to your survival. Afternoon stars suggest adventurous options, overseas contacts and long-distance trips. A close partner will offer unexpected support — but expect something in return.

Daily Horoscope 8 October, 12222

A high proportion of you will be doing a spot of over-time or extra work today. All members of your sign are in an ambitious mood and will be pursuing community activities or private hobbies. Deal with partners this morning and sort out cash this afternoon. You will become increasingly aware of your debt to other people. Action planet Mars enters Libra, bringing excitement to your social life and inspiring you to participate in causes you're passionate about! You're also thinking about money as the moon enters Capricorn—reflect on your budget.

Warrior Mars enters Libra and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career—this is an exciting time for big wins in your public life! The moon enters your sign today, asking you to nourish yourself: Get back into your body through physical activity, like dancing, cuddling, or a massage.

Your daily horoscope: October 7

Action planet Mars enters fellow air sign Libra, inspiring you to travel and learn. It's an exciting time to put yourself out there, but first, you must get some rest as the moon enters Capricorn and activates the sector of your chart that rules sleep. Warrior planet Mars enters Libra, helping you cut off a situation that was no longer serving you, but you won't be lonely: The moon enters Capricorn, inspiring you to connect with friends and network.

Your ruling planet Mars enters Libra, revving up the relationship sector of your chart. Expect your partners to take the lead—or to be more confrontational than usual! Your focus is also on your career as the moon enters industrious earth sign Capricorn.


Action planet Mars enters balanced Libra today, bringing you the courage you need to kick a bad habit. This is also a very productive time for you at work!

You're knocking items off your to-do list with ease. As such, seek out the the people and activities that inspire, stimulate, and enrich you. Your time and energy is valuable, you have a choice in how you spend it.

Creatively you're on a roll today, which could bring you a moment in the spotlight. However, when it comes to how you show up, make sure you're showing up with your full self. You have much that you offer, so know that you do best when you know your worth. Don't settle for less. It's all about getting your emotional nourishment today, which may include some pampering or your favorite indulgences.

October 2019 Prediction - All Signs - Transits

Let "treat yo'self" be the motto now. Now that your magnetism is about to skyrocket, it's a good time to make sure you're feeling your best on the inside and out. You're in a chatty mood today, but when it comes to what you share with others know that less is more. Simply put, leave some room for some mystery and let folks come to you. Besides, you might find that you prefer being behind the scenes for now anyway. Nourish your spirit. You might find your financial situation taking a turn for the better today, which could be a reminder of how necessary it is to keep faith even when things seem like they're not working.

Your friends or the community you belong to could help you secure an opportunity or offer.

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You've got a lot to celebrate today as word is traveling fast about how talented and impressive you are.