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Secondly, and most problematically, 'highest' in relation to what? Terms like 'highest' and 'higher' are relative and need to be defined in terms of some sort of absolute position. Robert Hand provides two useful and more precise definitions in his essay on the ascendant, midheaven and vertex in extreme latitudes for reference see below. Hand's first definition is that the midheaven may be the point of intersection of the meridian and ecliptic in the south.

His second definition is that the midheaven may be the point of intersection of the ecliptic and meridian above the horizon.

The Midheaven in Astrology - Your Calling & Career 🌟 (the 10th house)

The meridian is the great circle through the running north and south points of the observer's horizon, and through the zenith, the point exactly overhead on the celestial sphere, and the nadir, the point on the celestial sphere opposite the zenith. The following diagram illustrates the points made in the previous paragraph.

The 10th House in Astrology

Note that the midheaven is shown crossing the ecliptic above the horizon and due south. Try The Quiz Now!!

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However, if you have Gemini for your midheaven sign, then that would mean you will have to do Capricorn like things in a Gemini way in order to get to the top. Test Now! It is very common for most people to want to predict what their purpose in life is. Finding your midheaven zodiac sign is a way to discover your purpose.

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  4. You can analyze the sign of the midheaven in order to determine what the best career for you would be. How can you take leadership roles in life? What kind of work calls out to you? Discover what your house of Destiny reveals. Fill in the details of your birth and you will receive a report upon your public role in life.


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